NEW! Case History # 103 – Nuclear Gauge Management

NEW! Case History #103 – Nuclear Gauge Management

If you own or operate nuclear densometer gauges, you must read this GBA Case History. After three destroyed gauges and numerous other violations, a Member-Firm was facing civil penalties of up to $10,000 per violation and revocation of their license to own and/or operate nuclear gauges. They paid a $150,000 settlement but more importantly developed a compliance program hailed as “a model for the industry”.
Learn from their mistakes and from their commitment to change their culture through immediate action to create, test, launch, and monitor sustainable, institutional controls to address the underling causes of the violations, as well as specific regulatory compliance issues.
GBA Case Histories are unique because our members share real-life stories of problems that impacted their businesses. They also include the outcomes of corrective action, and lessons learned.
Every Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) must read this!
Download Here: GBA Case History #103 Nuclear-Gauge Management