Effective Project Managers are key to the success of all geoprofessional businesses.  GBA recognizes development of highly effective Project Managers requires training, experience, and mentorship in numerous areas.  GBA has developed, with support of member-firm volunteers, a Project Manager essential skills training course to support and augment training available by member-firms.

The foundation of this 11 module Project Manager course has been generously donated by a GBA member firm.While the slides have been rebranded by GBA, there may be content or concepts that are specific to this GBA member firmand may require slight modifications to make presentations appropriate for your firm.  This course will help you introduce and discuss the essential skills needed as a Project Manager.

This 11 module Project Managers course covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding responsibilities of a Project Manager;
  2. Communicating about the project effectively with the client, project team and management (including written documentation);
  3. Generating new business opportunities and winning proposals;
  4. Understanding client requirements;
  5. Planning the project scope, schedule and budget;
  6. Negotiating client contracts;
  7. Coordinating project resources (including subs);
  8. Monitoring and managing project scope, budget and schedule;
  9. Establishing the appropriate quality of deliverables;
  10. Monitoring and managing cash flow, including invoicing and collections; and,
  11. Leading the project team.

The PowerPoint format of this course has been developed so that it can be given in a group setting by a leader in your organization or used as a self-teaching tool by an individual.  The course can be delivered all at once in an 8-hour day, or a module at a time as time permits.  Each module contains a short quiz at the end to confirm clarity on the topics presented.  Each module also includes a printable completion certificate.  Module 11 includes a printable and framable Course Completion Certificate for those that have completed all the modules of this course.

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Fundamental Elements for Project Managers