Addressing the Gap Between Geotechnical Engineer-of-Record and Geotechnical-Specialty Constructor

Geotechnical Business Committee

Bridge the Gap presents the recommendations developed by a Special Task Force formed by GBA to address the gap between the responsibilities of the geotechnical engineer of record (GER) and the geotechnical-specialty constructor (GSC). This document discusses the reasons for the gap; defines a model to help both geotechnical engineers and GSCs allocate responsibilities based on the delivery method being used on the project; and outlines recommendations for GSCs and geotechnical engineers to use in avoiding the gap. The paper encourages geotechnical engineers to evolve their scope of services when appropriate to collect the data needed for specialty design, prepare specialty designs, assist the Owner in selecting the GSC, and review the specialty construction.

This document was primarily authored by:

Richard D. Heckel, P.E., D.GE, Task Force Chair – GeoEngineers, Inc.

With significant support from:

• Michael J. Marasa, P.E., Keller North America
• James W. Martin, P.E., F.GBA – Wood PLC
• Steve Wendland, P.E., R.G., D.GE – GeoEngineers, Inc.

We would like to thank the other members of the task force for their valuable input toward the development of this report.

• Tom Armour, P.E., D.GE – DBM Contractors, Inc.
• Victor R. Donald, P.E. – Terracon Consultants, Inc.
• Chester J. Drash, P.E. – TTL, Inc.
• Mark K. Kramer, P.E., F.GBA – SME
• Robin M. Lim, P.E. – Geolabs, Inc.
• David E. Lourie, P.E., D.GE, F.GBA – Lourie Consultants
• Kimberly F. Morrison, P.E., R.G. – Newmont Mining Corporation
• Dominic Parmantier, P.E. – Condon⦁Johnson & Associates, Inc.
• Greg Simmons, P.E. – Menard Group USA
• Leanna S. Whitwell, P.E. – TTL, Inc.

Download Best Practices Bridge the Gap: HERE