AI Unveiled: The Wizardry Behind Chatbots and Intelligent Systems

GBA Business Technology Committee

In the ever-evolving landscape of the geoprofessional industry, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to drive innovation, efficiency, and curiosity. GBA’s Business Technology Committee is producing a six-part series to educate GBA members on the implications of AI on the geoprofessions. The articles, written by Enrique Farfan, Ph.D., P.E. ENV SP (HDR), explore how this technology works and its potential uses.

The first article focuses on chatbots and intelligent systems. AI-generated content, especially large language models like ChatGPT, heralds a novel approach in geotechnical engineering, promising innovative solutions to its intricate challenges. These applications range from problem solving in project stages to automatic data extraction from geotechnical reports, showcasing the transformative power of cognitive AI.

As AI continues to evolve, its integration into specialized fields like geotechnical engineering not only enhances current methodologies but also opens avenues for unprecedented solutions, making the mastery of AI communication an indispensable skill for the future.


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