Announcing the 2025 Annual Conference Theme and Call for Abstracts

GBA Conference Committee

GBA invites dynamic and engaging speakers to submit an abstract for our 2025 Annual Conference – where the geoprofessional industry comes together.

Speakers can contribute to the elevation of the geoprofessional industry and form powerful partnerships while sharing best practices for risk management.

As a presenter, you will gain visibility and credibility; create new relationships; and generate awareness of your expertise in our industry.

GBA is seeking speakers on presentation topics such as:
• Setting high standards
• Promoting environmental responsibility
• Prioritizing health and safety
• Setting industry standards
• Empowering employees to be guardians of the earth.

The abstract submission deadline is Friday, August 2, 2024.

2025 Annual Conference Theme: Guardians of the Earth

The 2025 Annual Conference theme underscores the critical role of geoprofessionals in protecting human health and safety through their expertise in understanding and managing Earth’s resources, hazards, and environmental conditions. It highlights geoprofessionals’ dedication to identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring the resilience of infrastructure, and promoting sustainable development practices.

While gathered in Savannah, Georgia, we will highlight the vital contributions of geoprofessionals to innovation, progress, and sustainability across all aspects of society underscoring the importance of recognizing the ethical responsibility of geoprofessionals as they tackle complex challenges and pave the way for a brighter, more resilient future for all.