Case History Library Refresh Complete!

Possibly the most important of all GBA loss-prevention/risk-confrontation resources is its unique series of Case Histories. In February 2018, GBA volunteers embarked on a seemingly impossible challenge to refresh the first 101 Case Histories. We are thrilled to report, the mission has been accomplished and now all are rebranded, updated, and refreshed. Most
importantly they are all available to all our members.

This effort was made possible under the leadership of Woodward L. “Woody” Vogt, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE, F.ACI, F.ASTM, F.GBA (Paradigm Consultants) who established the schedule and led the review process. Woody was assisted on each update by Kurt R. Fraese, L.G., F.GBA (Fraese and Associates) and Dr. James L. “Jim” Withiam, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.GBA (retired) with additional volunteer support from Stephanie Cook, Esq., Marie Starich, P.E. and GBA Committee members. Additionally, we received valuable contract support from Bachner Communications, Inc. (editing) and Greg Kauffman Designs (graphics).

“I would like to thank everyone that helped support the Case History Update effort. For more than 2½ years we have been chipping away at this task and it took a team effort to accomplish it. I would especially like to thank volunteers Kurt and Jim for their heavy lifting. Their input and support of the GBA Staff was critical to keep this project moving toward the finish line.” said Mr. Vogt.

GBA Case Histories are obviously important to our members too. Since we started this project, our members downloaded on average more than 11 issues per business day, totaling about 7,700 downloads.

Given the importance of GBA’s case histories, this was a valuable project to help our members improve their businesses  through real-life examples. This mission is complete, but we are not done! While we continue completing new Case Histories,  we are also completing a comprehensive Case History index and new programs that emphasize the important information   compiled from the library of all these valuable references.

Access GBA’s Library of Case Histories:  HERE