CEO Peer Group #1 Meets in St. Louis

GBA developed a Peer Group discussion platform where small groups of Member-Firm executive leaders meet to candidly address their most pressing issues and draw on the experience of others who’ve faced similar situations.  The first Peer Group held their second meeting at Geotechnology’s office on April 25-26 in St. Louis.

The meeting format is that one of the participants hosts the group for a two-day,noon to noon discussion at their office location.  The host chooses a primary business issue to discuss on Day One.  Two additional topics are chosen by the other participants and are discussed on Day Two.  A facilitator keeps the group on topic and on schedule. The meeting content and details are kept confidential in accordance with an agreement between participants.

The Group Members confirmed the program is providing significant value to their firms in a uniquely GBA way.

If you are interested in forming or participating in a Peer Group, please contact Rich Johnson (, GBA Peer Review Committee Chair or Joel Carson, GBA’s Executive Director.