Deciphering AI Content – How and Why

Cassandra Langley, GBA Communications Specialist

No matter the level of AI adoption in your firm, you’re likely encountering it on a day-to-day basis, whether you know it or not.
With more AI-written content feeding online news sources, it’s become important to distinguish between what’s written by something like ChatGPT and what’s created by humans.

This is not to say that AI-written content can’t be educational and useful – only that it’s important to know the source of information you’re digesting, especially if you plan to disseminate it to a wider audience of industry experts, like we do with NEWSlog. When content makes our AI-detecting “spidey sense” tingle, we use a free online AI detector tool to contribute to the decision-making process of which articles to include in the newsletter.

Using this article as an example, SEE A VIDEO DEMONSTRATION OF  HOW WE DO IT. (*Not an endorsement of