Employee-Pocket Safety Card: New from GBA 

Employee-Pocket Safety Card

“Safety Is Priority One” – That’s the key message of a new employee-pocket safety card developed by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) Safety Committee for use by its member firms. “Firms can print it ‘as-is,’ or they can easily customize it, to add their own logos or special messages,” said Safety Committee Chair Randy A. Knott, P.E.

The front of the card poses a series of brief instructions and questions employees should address before moving forward with a task; e.g., “Identify what could go wrong.” and “Do you have written procedures to follow to ensure safe performance?” In large bold letters the card advises, “IF YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT’S SAFE, DO NOT PROCEED.”

The card’s reverse asks, “Which of these six hazard categories apply?” The six categories are contact, exposure, fall, caught/crushed, ergonomics, and energy source, with each being subcategorized; e.g., for “energy source,” electricity, pressure, compression/tension, or rotating equipment.

GBA members can print the card in its GBA PDF format, using the GBA logo. The card also the card in a Microsoft Word format and an InDesign format. The Word format makes logo substitution easy. The InDesign version provides a higher-quality result, but special software is needed to use it.

According to Mr. Knott, “For a firm to achieve safety, it must make safety awareness part of its culture. It cannot treat safety as some kind of program that people can turn on or off at will. A pocket safety card of itself can do little. However, when it is regarded as part and parcel of an organization’s culture, it can provide specific guidance and a reminder of all other aspects of an organization’s safety-mindedness.”

The new GBA employee-pocket safety card is available only to GBA members, without charge. Members can order it from the GBA website.

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