Find GBA Resources Easier: Case History Digest

GBA Resource Collaboration Committee


One of the most valuable resources GBA offers are vast library of Case Histories that provide unprecedented real-world learning examples related to project and business management.

Our members can learn where others went wrong, how they handled their problems, and to avoid the same problems in the future.

With over 110 Case Histories, GBA’s Resource Collaboration Committee created the Case History Digest to help you find Case Histories much easier.

With colorful titles including:
• Cheap Contractor Paves Way for Problems
• Clear Communication Saves Big Bucks
• If You Don’t Have $13M Sitting Around You Need to Read This
• Cutting Corners Leads to Big Change Orders
• Did Your Engineer Really Say That?

The document includes a short summary, lessons learned, and indication to its related industry (Geotech, COMET, Environmental, Practice Management) make it easier to sort when you search for Case Histories with keywords. And each case history is directly linked so you can retrieve them in one easy step to download and share with your firm’s employees.

Download the GBA Case History Digest and use it to search for real-world learning experiences to propel your firm forward, then share it with everyone in your firm.

Note: Each title has a direct link to the case history. Once you click on the link you will need to log in to your GBA Website account. After you sign in, click on go shopping which will bring you to the specific Case History.