GBA Awards Recipients

GBA Awards Recipients

GBA is a volunteer organization. Almost all the resources we produce for our members, our contributions to the geoprofessional community, and our conferences are primarily driven by volunteer leaders.

Each year at our Spring Conference, we recognize those who have contributed to GBA in a significant way. During the 2023 Spring Conference, awards were given to firms and individuals who exhibited extraordinary support and meritorious performance during our 2022-2023 fiscal year. Those recognized during the annual Awards Ceremony were:

Certificates of Appreciation

Each year, we ask our Committees and Councils to provide us with the names of people who have contributed to our Association during the past year.

Recipients of Certificates of Appreciation for 2022-2023 are:

  • Donald Blackburn
  • Elizabeth Brown, P.E.                                                 
  • Veronica DeFreitas, P.E.
  • Michael Dodd, Esq.
  • Kathryn Eckman, P.Eng.
  • Craig Fischer
  • Rick Heckel, P.E., D.GE
  • Kurt Fraese, L.G., F.GBA
  • Jeff Gebhard, P.E.
  • Robert Howard, P.E.
  • Alfred Jones, P.E.
  • Steve Noble, P.E., PTOE
  • Helen Pappas, CHMM, ENV SP
  • Jennifer Sanborn, P.E.
  • Alicia R. Sellers, P.E.
  • Andy Siemens, P.E., G.E.
  • Jason Stoops, P.E.
  • Gary Torosian
  • Tiffany Vorhies, NACE CIP-2
  • Ryan White, P.E., G.E
  • James Withiam, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.GBA

Member Firm Engagement Awards

 GBA tracks member-firm engagement through five measurements we find to be the most important indicators of the value members are receiving from their membership. Ultimately, engagement also indicates the value of membership to firm employees, which we feel is paramount to delivering on the GBA mission. The following firms were found to have the highest measured engagement in GBA during the last fiscal year (one from each category based on firm size):

  • Terracon
  • CTL|Thompson
  • Blackburn Consulting
  • Northern Geotechnical Engineering – Terra Firma Testing

Woodward L. Vogt Outstanding Project Award 

GeoProfessional Innovation Corporation – Selway Road Landslide Emergency Response, Idaho County, Idaho

 The Woodward L. Vogt Outstanding Project Award was named for a GBA past-president to recognize the contributions made by a life-long advocate of high-quality geoprofessional services. The award celebrates the greatness of our members as they use GBA’s best practices to manage risk and optimize performance on notable projects.


Committee Service Awards

Victor Barchers, P.E. (Kleinfelder, Inc.)

Environmental Business Committee 2018-2023

 Carrie Foulk, P.E., G.E. (BSK Associates)

Geotechnical Business Committee 2021-2023

 Elizabeth Clarke (Structure Groups)

Construction Materials Engineering and Testing Business Committee 2022-2023

 Stuart “Stu” Thompson (CTL|Thompson, Inc.)

Peer Review Committee 2020-2023

 Terence J. Scanlan, Esq. (Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S.)

Legal Affairs Committee 2020-2023

Committee Service Awards are bestowed on Chairs and Vice Chairs who have completed their terms and transitioned leadership roles to others.

Board of Directors Service Awards                                                                    

Steve Wendland, P.E., P.G., D.GE (GeoEngineers, Inc. 2020-2023

Martin LaRoche, P.Eng. (Kiewit Engineering Group) 2019-2023


Board of Directors Service Awards are bestowed on Directors who have completed their terms of service.

President’s Award

Woodward L. “Woody” Vogt, P.E., D.GE, F. GBA, F. ACI, F. ASCE, F. ASTM (Paradigm Consultants, Inc.) 

Each year, the current GBA President selects one person to be recognized for the contributions they made to our Association during the year of his or her presidency. President Leo J. Titus Jr., P.E., awarded the 2022-2023 President’s Award posthumously to Mr. Vogt in recognition of his many contributions that support GBA’s strategy through his leadership, enthusiasm, influence, and ambassadorship.


President’s Service Gavel Award

 Leo J. Titus Jr., P.E. (ECS Group of Companies)

This award is bestowed on the immediate Past-President after completing their term of service. During the awards ceremony, the Association recognized Mr. Titus for his years of service to the Board and for his leadership during his Presidency.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, all member firms, and staff, we congratulate all the award winners for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.