GBA is a volunteer organization. Almost all the resources we produce for our members, our contributions to the geoprofessional community, and our conferences are mostly driven by volunteer leaders.

Each Spring, during our conference we recognize those that have contributed to GBA in a significant way. During the 2021 Spring Conference, awards were given to firms and individuals who exhibited extraordinary support and meritorious performance during our 2020–2021 fiscal year. Those recognized during the Annual Awards Ceremony were:


Each year we ask our Committees and Councils to provide us with the names of people that have contributed to our Association during the past year.  Based on this list, we have more people contributing to GBA at a level higher than ever before.

                                                                    Recipients of Certificates of Appreciation for 2020-2021.

Tom Atkinson (AGEC, Inc.) Derek Koller, CHMM (Terracon)
Rick Bean, P.G. (GSI Engineering) Michael Marasa, P.E. (Keller)
Charlie Dominguez, P.E. (Golder Associates) James Martin P.E., F.GBA (WOOD)
Christopher Elliott (ECS, Mid-Atlantic, LLC) Gordon Matheson Ph.D., P.E., P.G., D.GE, F.GBA (UTG, LLC)
Jeff Hullinger (SME) Andy McCorkle (Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.)
Steve Kerlin (Terracon) Matthew Poirier, P.E. (Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc)
Mitch Quick, P.E. (Strata, Inc.) Kristin Stout (Terracon)
Michael S. Roark, R.G. (Geotechnology, Inc.) Steve Wendland, P.E., R.G., D.GE (GeoEngineers, Inc.)
Rob Sandquist, P.E. (Blackburn Consulting) Jessica Witt (WOOD)
Samuel J. Stevenson (Geo-Technology Associates)

All recipients received a certificate and a letter of appreciation from GBA. Thank you all for your dedication to the association. We get stuff done because you all get stuff done!


S. Andrew K. Batson, Esquire (Sanborn Head & Associates)

A special award of appreciation was given to Andrew Batson from Sanborn Head & Associates. This year, Andrew took on the challenge to update our GBA Model Contract Set. Spending many hours of his own personal time, Andrew went through GBA’s existing contract set and  updated each one so that you, our members, can utilize these important documents to better mitigate risk during the contract portion of projects that you manage.

Thank you, Andrew, for taking on this project.


For several years, GBA has been tracking the engagement of member-firms through 5 measurements that we found to be most important indicators of the value members were receiving from membership. Ultimately, engagement also indicates the value of membership to your employees which we feel is paramount to delivering our mission.

For the past three years, we presented awards to those firms who have the highest measured engagement in GBA during our fiscal year. We are proud to be able to recognize winners again this year. There are four award winners, one from each category based on firm size for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

They are:

• Building & Earth Sciences
• Crawford & Associates
• MC Squared
• S&ME

Congratulations to all our FY 2020-2021 Engagement Award Winners


DOWL – Alaska Energy Authority, West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion Project       

In 2020, the GBA Board of Directors identified an opportunity to celebrate greatness of our members as they use GBA’s best practices to manage risk and optimize performance on notable projects. This is the first year we presented the Project Award of Excellence to one of our member firms.

The first winner of GBA’s Project Award of Excellence is DOWL. Congratulations to DOWL for their work on the Alaska Energy Authority, West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion Project.


Teresa L. Peterson, P.E., C.M.E., LEED AP O&M, ENV SP (Gannett Fleming)

 Teresa Peterson recently stepped down from her leadership role as the Vice Chair of the Emerging Issues and Trends (EIT) Committee to accept her nomination to the GBA Board of Directors. Ms. Peterson was the Vice Chair of the EIT Committee for three years.



Bradley M. Melocik, P.E., P.H. (DOWL)

Brad Melocik stepped down from his leadership role as the Chair of the Emerging Issues and Trends Committee to accept his nomination to the GBA Board of Directors. He was the Chair of the EIT Committee for four years.



Richard D. Heckel, P.E., D. GE (GeoEngineers)

For the past 7 years, Rick Heckel has been the Chair of the Geotechnical Business Committee. Under his leadership this Committee has been prolific and has completed several, very important assignments. Though Rick is stepping down he is not stopping. Rick has recently formed a Task Force to Elevate our Profession. Rick is the perfect individual to lead this effort and with the full support of the GBA Committees, Board, and Staff, we look forward to great  outcomes from this new group.




Chuck Gregory, P.E. (Terracon)

In April, Chuck Gregory completed his term on the GBA Board of Directors. Early, during his tenure on the Board he saw an opportunity to organize GBA’s efforts to publishing reference material and formed a task force which became the Resource Collaboration Committee and while performing his Director duties he led this committee at the same time. Under Chuck’s leadership the RCC has been very productive and has helped support GBA’s unofficial motto “We Get Stuff Done”.

GBA recognized Chuck Gregory for serving his 3-year term on GBA’s Board of Directors while also knowing he will continue contributing to the association for years to come as he continues to lead the RCC as Chair.

Matthew R. Poirier, P.E. (Sanborn Head & Associates)

In February, Matt Poirier stepped down from the GBA Board of Directors to focus on other commitments. We appreciate his contributions to GBA and wish him continued success with his many other pursuits.







Woodward L. “Woody” Vogt, P.E., D. GE, F. GBA, F. ACI, F. ASCE, F. ASTM (Paradigm Consultants)

In recognition of his meritorious leadership and achievement culminating in the publication of GBA’s Case History Library Updates.

Under his leadership, 101 Case Histories were rebranded, updated, refreshed, and compiled, resulting in this library of resources being the most popular downloads of all GBA reference material.




David L. Coduto (Terra Insurance Company)

Each year, our current President selects one person to be recognized for the contributions they made to our Association during the year of his/her presidency.

President, Ken Johnston presented our 2020-2021 President’s Award to David Coduto in recognition of his many contributions that support GBA’s purpose and strategy through leadership and influence.




Kenneth R. Johnston (GZA Geoenvironmental)                                       

During the awards ceremony, the Association recognized Mr. Johnston for his years of service to the Board and for his leadership during his Presidency. Under Ken’s leadership GBA formed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, produced resources at a record pace, and helped member firms through the unknowns of the COVID pandemic.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, all member firms, and Staff, we congratulate all the Award winners for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.