GBA Case Histories #1 through #5 Are Refreshed

GBA Case Histories #1 through #5 Are Refreshed

Possibly the most important of all GBA loss-prevention/risk-confrontation resources is its unique series of case histories; 101 examples of how projects begun with optimism can unexpectedly end in dispute. Each provides details of the project, its background, the role of the GBA-Member Firm, the problems encountered, and lessons learned. They’re sometimes painful lessons, but better to learn from others’ lessons than your own.

BIG NEWS! GBA Executive Director Joel Carson has announced that GBA is committed to update and expand the Case History Series. The original cases all will be refreshed, with new graphics and keywords for efficient searches. According to Joel, “The first five updates are complete and they look fantastic!”

Check them out for yourself.  Download refreshed Case History #1 through #5 here:

Case History #1 – Perform a preliminary geotechnical-engineering study to estimate foundation construction costs.

Case History #2 – Perform subsurface exploration, provide foundation recommendations, and identify features, such as potential groundwater problems, that the client should consider during design and construction.

Case History #3 – Conduct a subsurface exploration at the direction of the client and provide engineering consultation when requested.

Case History #4 – Perform subsurface exploration, prepare a geotechnical-engineering report with foundation-design recommendations and observed drilled-shaft construction.

Case History #5 – Perform a limited-scope geotechnical-engineering study to advance borings and then provide boring logs and a brief letter report to the structural engineer.