GBA Draws on Strategy, Member Feedback to Create New Meeting and Event Schedule

GBA Board of Directors

Based on our strategic objectives, feedback from members, and historical data, the  GBA Board of Directors has adopted a new schedule of events, beginning this year. GBA’s goal with these events remains to deliver conferences that have high-value content, provide collaboration and networking opportunities, celebrate the contributions of volunteer leaders, and that are warm and welcoming to all. We also want to schedule and deliver events that attract more attendees, representing more member-firms.

GBA’s most active members overwhelmingly state that in-person meetings are one of the most important aspects of membership. In support of in-person networking, we are committed to delivering two in-person events each year.

GBA will continue to have a conference each April, which has been renamed our Annual Conference (formerly the Spring Conference) and we will shift what has been called the Winter Leadership Summit to October and rename it the Fall Leadership Summit.

Here is more information on each event that will regularly take place on an annual or biennial basis:

Annual Conference – Annual in-person event that features Committee meetings, Committees in Concert, keynote speakers, business round tables, annual awards banquet, networking events, and exploration opportunities unique to the local area.

Summer Board Meeting – Annual meeting that includes association business of the Board of Directors, including creating and advancing the GBA Strategic Plan.

Fall Leadership Summit – Annual in-person event featuring Board and Committee meetings, Committees in Concert, networking opportunities, facilitated workshop and/or keynote presentation on a topic valuable to all in attendance. The Fall Leadership Summit will be held during the week and avoid weekends. The goal is to build on the successes of Committee participation in the Leadership Summit with an enhanced format to provide more value to attendees.

Crystal Ball Workshop – Stand-alone facilitated event held approximately every two years, drawing subject matter experts, industry leaders, and constituents representing consultants, academia, contractors, regulatory agencies, and clients.

This schedule allows GBA to make each event even more valuable to GBA members, gives Committees time to collaborate on important actions throughout the year, and allows GBA to host special industry events beyond the Crystal Ball Workshop, and provide timely professional development through webinars, seminars, and short courses.

See what event are currently scheduled HERE.

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