GBA Launches New Podcast Series: Management Best Practices

GBA Multimedia Delivery Committee

GBA’s Multimedia Delivery Committee launched a new GBA Podcast series called “Management Best Practices” that will dive into some of the unique challenges faced by geoprofessional consulting managers and supervisors.

Becoming a manager or supervisor is an important step in many people’s professional careers, and it introduces a set of new responsibilities that they may not have had in their prior role. This new podcast series highlights a handful of those responsibilities, the challenges that can go along with them, and best practices for navigating through them. The episodes in this series will provide valuable advice for new as well as seasoned managers or supervisors.

The first episode of the Management Best Practices series, “How to Have Tough Conversations,” is available now on the GBA Podcast website or anywhere podcasts are available. In this episode, host Jennifer Sanborn, Multimedia Delivery Committee Vice Chair, and Leadership Development Coach Jen Bell explore how to facilitate better one-on-one discussions.

“Our aversion to difficult conversations comes from the inherent potential for conflict associated with corrective actions,” Bell said. “But through a well-prepared, strategic approach, we can address pressing concerns amicably and simultaneously build a culture of mutual understanding.”

By embracing discomfort as a catalyst for positive change, we pave the way for enhanced collaboration, improved relationships, and a resilient, forward-thinking workplace.

A few of the lessons listeners will learn from this episode include:
• Leaders must make an effort to become skilled in tough conversations.
• Creating an environment where such discussions feel normal is crucial.
• Lack of accountability can lead to organizational dysfunction.
• Rules without relationships lead to rebellion.


In addition to the Management Best Practices, the GBA Podcast offers the following series:
• Audio Education for Field Representatives
• Case Histories
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

GBA podcasts are part of a vast library of valuable resources available to help you excel as a geoprofessional consultant. Our comprehensive multimedia collection of publications, audio programs, videos, webinars, training curricula, model documents, case studies, and more are targeted to meet the unique business needs of geoprofessionals.