GBA Launches New Podcast Series

Emerging Leaders Class 4

GBA has a tradition of collaborating on issues that impact the geoprofessions. One of the ways we work together is by providing lessons learned through GBA Case Histories.

GBA Case Histories provide unprecedented real-world learning examples related to project and business management. Learn where others went wrong, how they handled their problems, and how you can learn from their experiences to avoid the same problems in the future.

Case Histories have been written and read for more than 30 years. Now, they are available as podcasts so you can download, listen, and learn from anywhere. Follow along as our narrator shares the highlights, engages with subject matter experts, and delivers the lessons learned to your headset.

Case History #61Don’t Lie to Yourself About the Risk of Small Projects
This episode in the series explores Case History #61, which stems from an environmental site assessment conducted as part of a property transfer, and that highlights the importance of strong contract language, report limitations, diligent information gathering, professional liability insurance, adequate training, and much more. It also highlights the risk of small projects for all geoprofessionals.

A special thanks to Jennifer Sanborn, PE (Sanborn Head) for hosting this episode and to Andrew Batson, Esq. (Sanborn Head) for his legal insights. Technical support was provided by Tiffany Vorhies, NACE CIP-2 (SME), Carrie Foulk PE, GE (BSK Associates), and Ryan White PE, GE, (PBS Engineering and Environmental).

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