GBA Publishes Business Brief – A Look Inside the Crystal Ball



GBA Publishes Business Brief – A Look Inside the Crystal Ball

 Over the past 15-years, the Geoprofessional Business Association’s (GBA’ s) Emerging Issues and Trends Committee (EIT Committee) has held a series of Crystal Ball Workshops (Workshops) to identify long-term emerging issues and business trends, and their potential impacts on the organization’s member firms. Like other forecasts, some predictions come to pass, while others never materialize. Workshops have accurately foreseen consolidation trends in our industry, as well as many of the impacts from demographic and economic shifts that geoprofessionals have experienced.


A summary of issues, trends, and opportunities for geoprofessionals was published in an April 2017 GBA Business Brief which is now available for our members.


“The Business Brief is a valuable tool that our members can use to plan for future business opportunities.”  said Bradley Melocik, P.E. (DOWL), GBA’s EIT Committee Chair. “It is the result of a successful workshop that was held in collaboration with the Geo-Institute of ASCE and many volunteers contributed to its success, especially Kurt Fraese, L.G., F.GBA,  who consolidated the information for this document.”


GBA’s Business Brief is available to members now!