GBA Releases Five More Case Histories: 16-20

Refreshed GBA Case Histories have been downloaded almost 1,000 times since May 1, 2017 and they are being used by GBA members for loss prevention discussions in support of professional development and mentoring. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeating mistakes of the past which is why GBA case histories are so valuable, and why GBA is updating them all, while adding new ones, too. Five more case histories have been reissued.

Case History 16: The GBA-Member Firm completed about 150 exploratory borings, excavated test pits, and conducted seismic surveys in support of design and construction of a new building and campus for a state-owned college.
Lessons Learned Include:

  • Take an Active Interest in the Project
  • Bedrock Contour Maps Should Include Important Advisories
  • Advise the Owner about the Importance of Construction Observation

Case History 17: The Member Firm performed a geotechnical-engineering study and submitted a report of findings, including foundation-design recommendations, for an oil-sands-processing plant to be built upon oil sands.
Lessons Learned Include:

  • Establish Relationships.
  • Don’t Guess
  • Learn About Construction Observation Up-Front
  • Be Wary of Settlement Estimates

Case History 18: A GBA Member-Firm conducted a geotechnical-engineering study, provided foundation recommendations, and performed related geotechnical-engineering services, for a small flood-control pump station to be built on reclaimed marshland.
Lessons Learned Include:

  • Prepare a Complete Proposal
  • Recognize That If It Isn’t in Writing, It Didn’t Happen
  • Educate Clients About Project Risks
  • Be Wary of Project Delays.

Case History 19: Perform a geotechnical-engineering study and observe foundation installation at a multifamily-residential, rental-housing project to be constructed in four phases on the site of an abandoned, suburban railroad yard.
Lessons Learned Include:

  • Be Wary of Residential Projects
  • Take Aim at Shoddy Experts
  • Recessionary Periods Increase Risk


Case History 20: GBA Member performed a geotechnical-engineering study, developed foundation-design recommendations, and provided construction-materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services at a marine chemical terminal
Lessons Learned Include:

  • Experience Counts
  • Be Clear about Risks
  • If It Isn’t in Writing, It Didn’t Happen
  • Cutting Corners Leads to Problems
  • Don’t Accept Foolishness.

Thank you to all who contribute to GBA.   The refreshed Case Histories are a collaborative effort of GBA’s Editorial Review Committee and a team of consultants.