GBA Volunteers Recognized During Annual Recognition and Awards Banquet

During the 2018 Spring Conference in Chicago, numerous volunteers were recognized for to their many contributions to GBA during the past year. They were recognized for presentations during conferences, contributions to new and updated reference material, leadership on the Board of Directors, Business Councils, Committees, and Task Forces, and for other activities that supported GBA’s mission. Those who were attending, were awarded a certificate of appreciation and a letter of appreciation from Joel Carson, GBA’s Executive Director.

Mr. Carson emphasized to all during the conference that GBA is known through our industry as the association that “gets stuff done”. He emphasized that our volunteer leaders are the engine that keeps GBA moving forward and our success is directly attributed to the tireless efforts of those that go the extra mile to support GBA.

Those who received certificates of appreciation during GBA’s FY2017-18 are:

Victor Barchers, P.E. Michael J. Marasa, P.E.
EJ Barben, P.E. Frederic Masse
Chris Bellusci Matt Moler, P.E.
Grace Blackburn Kim Morrison, P.E. , R.G.
John A. Buchheit, P.E. Steve Noble, P.E., P.T.O.E.
Dan R. Cassidy, C.P.G. Stewart Osgood, P.E.
Chris Clarke, P.E. Helen Pappas, CHMM
Mark Crowley Stephen F. Patt, P.E.
Michael Covert, P.G. Teresa Peterson, P.E., C.M.E.,
Audrey J. Daly Joergen Pilz, P.E., P.G.
Louis D’Amours, P. Eng Fred J. Potthast , P.E., G.E.
Gary M. DeJidas, P.E. Matthew R. Poirier, P.E.
Michael D. Dodd, Esq. Paul Ridlen, PE
Vic Donald, P.E. Gerald J. Salontai, P.E., F.GBA
David W. Faulkner, P.E. W. Jerrold “Jerry” Samford, P.G., F.GBA
Kurt Fraese, G.E. Paul Schmeisl, P.E.
Lisa D. Gamblin, Esq. Daniel F. Schneider, P.E., CHMM
Daniel F. Gradishar, P.E. Ji Shin, Esq.
Christopher Hatton, P.E. William C. Siegel, P.E.
Stephanie Hayes Cook Kenneth A. Smith, P.E.
Charles Head, P.E., P.G. Robert (Bob) Snow, PE
Richard D. Heckel, P.E., D.GE Stu Thompson
Rod Hoffman, P.E. Steve Thompson
Kevin B. Hoppe, P.E., F.GBA Steve Wendland, P.E., R.G., D.GE
Richard “Rich” Johnson, P.G., C.E.G., C.H.G James Withiam, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.GBA
Lee James, C.P.A., C.M.C., F.GBA Travis Wambeke
Kenneth Johnston Michael J. Yost, Esq.
Phil King, P.E.

Thank you to all who volunteered their time and contributed to the success of GBA.