GBA’s Tailings Engineer of Record Task Force Publishes Business Brief

Geoprofessional Business Association’s (GBA) Tailings Engineer-of-Record (EOR) Task Force published a Business Brief to inform and educate Member-Firms of the ever-increasing levels of risk associated with tailings-related work. The Task Force illustrated the risk by including recent tailings dam failures in Canada and Brazil.
The GBA Tailings EOR Task Force was created to help raise awareness among the GBA Member-Firms that perform tailings storage facility design services of the concerns and issues related to EOR for these ever-changing facilities. In addition to producing reference material for GBA Member-Firms, the task force will perform outreach to our industry through alliance organizations, and regulatory agencies for feedback on the issues and develop internal and outreach documentation on the issue. The Task Force also aims to provide guidance to help define roles/responsibilities of the EOR and implementation of an industry recognized transfer process for EOR for tailings storage facilities.
Kimberly Morrison, P.E., R.G. (Morrison Geotechnical Solutions, Inc.), who serves as the Task Force Chair, noted “Tailings-related work is exposing our member firms to an increasing level of risk. The Tailings EOR Task Force is working to create awareness of the risks involved with this type of work and to develop real-world strategies to help our member firms mitigate those risks.”
GBA’s Business Brief for Tailings EOR Task Force is available for all GBA Member-Firms.
For more information about the Tailings EOR Task Force, or to find out how you can become involved, contact Kimberly Morrison at