Geoprofessional Contracts Workshop

Manage Risk and Improve Loss Prevention

GBA is partnering with the California Geotechnical Engineering Association to deliver a two-part interactive web-based workshop series focused on managing risk and improving loss prevention through thoughtful terms and conditions in geoprofessional contracts.

Topics to Include:

• Why contracts matter.
• Common contract terms that become problematic.
• Techniques for negotiating favorable contract terms.
• Resources you can use to manage risk and improve contract terms.
• Lessons learned from contract disputes.

Workshop Presenters:

• Lisa Gamblin, Esq. – Vice President, Claims & Risk Management at Terra Insurance Co.
• Terry Scanlan, Esq. – Attorney at Cairncross & Hempelmann
• Ji Shin, Esq. – General Counsel at Earth Systems Pacific

Save the Dates:
May 19th & 26th, 12-1pm (Pacific Time)

Registration Fee:
GBA Members and CalGeo $50
Non-members $150

GBA’s Contract Reference Guide:

GBA’s Contract Reference Guide, Fourth Edition, now is available in print and in an e-book version.     

This new edition prepared in partnership with Terra Insurance Company, not only provides
significant updates from the prior editions, but also includes important new topics, such as
Climate Change, Indemnities and Hold Harmless Provisions in Favor of the Consultant,
and Instruments of Professional Service.

Download Contracts Reference Guide: HERE

Register for Geoprofessional Contracts Workshop: HERE