Gifts for Geoprofessionals: Part Two

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for the geoprofessional in your life? It could be something to bring a smile during the workday, help them meet their professional development goals, take away work-related hassles, or perhaps help them take their mind off things and enjoy recreational time.

If you need even more ideas than what’s below, be sure to look at Part One of our Gifts for Geoprofessionals series.

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How Big Things Get Done
This book by Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner is subtitled, “The Surprising Factors that Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything in Between.”

How to Investigate: Fundamentals of Effective Fact-finding
The second edition of this textbook is full of real-life examples and practical advice for conducting investigations of any kind and includes topics like report writing, planning, using the internet for investigation, and building cultural considerations into an investigation.

Brunton Compass
Find compasses for every budget at Brunton – so the geoprofessional in your life can always find their way back home.

A Notebook Titled, “Times I was Right and Nobody Listened”
Give your geoprofessional friend, family member, or colleague a healthy outlet for those, “I told you so’s.” You can also customize these notebook covers with other sayings that resonate.

1,000-piece Earth Jigsaw Puzzle
This is a relaxing way for geoprofessionals to hold the earth in their hands without getting their hands dirty.

I Love the Smell of Infrastructure in the Morning Mug
A nod to all things infrastructure, this mug with an image of a suspension bridge and the phrase above is sure to bring a smile to the owner and all who see it.
(This phrase is also available on a T-shirt!)

Digital Planner Subscription
Check out this list of eight digital planner options that can help geoprofessionals achieve maximum productivity by prioritizing and organizing tasks. Subscriptions to productivity tools like these are often things that people would enjoy using but won’t purchase for themselves.
$4-$34 per month

Touchscreen Gloves
Gone are the days of having to take your gloves off to type an email or send off a text message. Geoprofessionals will appreciate these gloves with touchscreen-compatible Etip technology when they’re working in the field.

Custom Topographical Map of Anywhere on Earth
Any geoprofessional is sure to appreciate this one-of-a-kind keepsake. Gift-givers can order a topographical, embossed casting of a friend, colleague, or loved one’s home, birthplace, favorite vacation, or bucket list destination.

Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice
This book is a must-have for any geotechnical engineer. This most updated version – the third edition – presents theoretical and practical knowledge of soil mechanics in engineering.

Pocket Microscope
Pick up one (or a few!) of these convenient pocket-size microscopes for a perfect stocking stuffer for geoprofessionals. They’re compact, lightweight, and portable and are powered by one AA battery for easy examination of samples in the field.

90-Day Goal Planner
It’s like Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Help the geoprofessional you know reach their short-term goals – whether it’s taking on a new leadership role, investing in professional development, or learning a new skill outside of work.

Soil ≠ Dirt Mug
Most anyone who’s acquainted with a geoprofessional knows soil and dirt are not created equal. Get this mug for your geoprofessional friends and they won’t even have to say anything next time someone mislabels this subsurface substance – just point to the mug.

Laser Distance Measure
This convenient tool is backlit so it can be used in dark areas and it’s small enough to fit in one hand or a pocket. It measures distances up to 65 feet within 1/8 inch.

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