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Leaders must understand how to optimize business performance.  No A&E professional wants to become a commodity – viewed as the same as everyone else. When two or more firms appear to be the same, price becomes the key differentiating factor. A&E services have become commoditized due to heavy competition, fee pressure, and self-sabotaging behaviors motivated by negative, self-limiting beliefs. Fear of losing, fear of upsetting clients, even fear of being “too expensive” are causing your firm to lose out on higher fees, change orders, and upsells.

Business Management Expert, author, and past GBA Conference keynote speaker, June Jewell will be the next presenter for the 4thFriday40 Leadership Series.  This is a monthly webinar for GBA leaders at all levels to promote professional development, optimize influence, and facilitate achievement. In short, we want to help you to be a stronger, smarter, more successful leader.

June will reveal her 5-Step process all business leaders can use to help you break the trap of commoditization, stop competing on price and embrace your true value so you can get better clients and higher fees.

Free to all GBA Members.

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