LETTERS: Making Good Use of the “Value” Presentations 

Dear Sir:

I read your article in the July/August NewsLog promoting the newly released PowerPoint template focusing on the value of geoprofessional services. Here at TTL, the geotechnical-engineering side of the house has used this PowerPoint with some success. We have given our adaptation of the presentation four times over the last year, twice to client representatives and once each at ASCE and AIA meetings. At each of these, we were well received and sparked interest that led to some healthy conversations.

As in any endeavor, we learn as we go. I have a few tips to share with those who use this resource going forward:

  • Address the value you provide in the beginning. Often, linear-thinking engineers and scientists bury the lead, thinking we must give all the background first and then reveal the outcome. Not so: Make your value statements first and say them with strength.
  • Put your best presenter on this, one that engages and connects easily with people and speaks authoritatively from a position of leadership. This may not be your ace technical guru. No matter, your technical gurus can go along should questions arise outside the presenter’s expertise.
  • Practice, both alone and in front of your staff. Also, take time to predict questions and come up with possible answers to prepare for this portion of your talk.
  • Offer PDHs and AIA credit (this takes having your version of the presentation vetted through AIA). If you offer CEUs, you’ll always have groups wanting you to present.
  • Finally, success will live and die in follow-up. Always reconnect later to capitalize on solid opportunities to prove your value, putting your words into action.
  • Thanks for making these resources available. Best of luck to the member firms that put them to good use.

Richard D. Heckel, P.E.
TTL, Inc.