Limitless Learning Ahead: 2023 Fall Conference Recordings Available

Everyone who attended GBA’s 2023 Fall Conference agreed that the presentations were valuable and outstanding. Each was educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Now you can watch, listen to, and learn from these speakers, too – on your own schedule.

The recordings have been available to those who registered for the conference for the past month. Now, these videos are available for all GBA members on-demand, at your convenience.

Discover groundbreaking insights, gain actionable knowledge, and elevate your geoprofessional journey! Watch conference recordings HERE.

2023 Fall Conference Sessions:






Elevating Your Value: Taking it to the Next Level with the Upper Arrow

Uncover avenues for growth and differentiation by learning how to elevate your services, enhance your reputation, and effectively distinguish your company in the marketplace.






Woodward L. Vogt Project Excellence Award: Selway Slide Emergency Repair

The winners of the 2023 Woodward L. Vogt Project Excellence Award present their collaborative design-build effort that required timely evaluation and repair of a large, complex slide system.
(Applications for the 2024 Project Excellence Award are open now – apply today!)






Case History: Site Safety is the Highest Priority

Review the events that lead up to a fatal drill rig collapse and identify ways you can elevate safety to avoid similar events in your firm.






Financial Survey Results and Trends You Should be Tracking

See how the industry is faring in 2023 and what is expected in 2024 and get an overview of the shifts taking place in major financial and strategic data and trends.






Currents and Characteristics of the Emerging Future

Take a deep dive into the trends and strategic events likely to shape the future of the geoprofessional industry, including what essential characteristics leaders will need to embrace to survive and thrive during periods of uncertainty.






Climate Change, Emerging Contaminants, and the Future of Geoprofessional Services

Learn how climate change and emerging contaminants are affecting mechanical properties of soils and the quantity and quality of groundwater resources.






How Technology Can Improve Stakeholder Engagement for a Successful Project Lifecycle

This presentation aims to demonstrate the transformative power of technology in common breadbasket projects such as brownfields, highlighting the rapidly growing impact of technology in geoprofessional consulting.






Elevating Geoprofessional Value Through Know, Like, and Trust

Start embracing these highly effective networking, relationship building, and interpersonal skills and gain a massive differentiation from your competitors.