Nashville Mayor Proclaims Geoprofessional Week


Nashville Mayor Proclaims Geoprofessional Week

As we prepare to gather for our 2018 Fall Conference in Nashville this week, Mayor David Briley, graciously provided an official proclamation of Geoprofessionals’ Week by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

His proclamation included:


WHEREAS,  The Geoprofessional Business Association reminds us that the quality of our environment is a fundamental concern of our community,

 WHEREAS, The Geoprofessional Business Association highlights that efficient, durable, and cost-effective infrastructure is as essential to our economy as it is to the welfare of our citizens’ everyday lives,

 WHEREAS, The Geoprofessional Business Association underlines that our environment, our infrastructure, and the integrity of our construction are of paramount importance to the thousands of individuals of many technical disciplines who are proud to be known as geoprofessionals,

 WHEREAS, The Geoprofessional Business Association raises awareness that the health, safety, and welfare of our community depend upon geoprofessional services and the geoprofessionals who provide them,

 WHEREAS, The Geoprofessional Business Association recognizes that the nation’s geoprofessional consultancies participate actively in The Geoprofessional Business Association in order to enhance their ability to provide their services more effectively,

 Let’s celebrate our many contributions to the health, safety, and welfare to the world as we gather to learn, network, and enhance professionalism of geoprofessional businesses world-wide this week as we prepare to gather in Nashville, Tennessee.

View Proclamation of Geoprofessionals’ Week Here