NEW! Case History – A Wrangler Turns Bandit






Read the real-life saga of a landowner’s tenant who tries to swindle a member-firm for medical costs for his horse and for lost breeding opportunities.

 The Client

A real-estate development company

The Project

An 87-acre, single-family home subdivision

Assignment of the GBA-Member Firm

Perform a pre-acquisition, preliminary geotechnical-engineering study.


A real-estate development company – a long-time client – engaged the GBA-Member Firm to perform a preliminary geotechnical-engineering study of an 87-acre tract of land the developer was considering for a single-family residential development. The tract, still being used for cattle grazing, was enclosed with barbed-wire fencing and a single-access gate. It was part of a larger section of land that was gradually being developed for residential and supporting commercial use.

On the first day of drilling, a wrangler on horseback rode up to the property and asked what was going on. This was the first of many engagements with the stranger on horseback.

Lessons Learned include:

  • Use GBA’s Site-Access Authorization Forms
  • Respond Promptly to Potential Claims
  • Demonstrate Financial Fortitude
  • Inform Your Insurance Provider
  • Documentation Can Be Your Best Defense

GBA Resources for Site Access:

GBA’s Site-Access Authorization for Geotechnical Engineering Services

GBA’s Model Access Authorization for Phase I ESA’s

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