New Edition! GBA Contract Reference Guide

GBA’s Contract Reference Guide, Fourth Edition, now is available to our members in e-book version. This searchable, flip-book allows you to read, bookmark, make notations, and take the Guide with you on any device for quick reference at your fingertips.

This new edition not only provides significant updates from the prior editions, but also includes important new topics, such as Climate Change, Indemnities and Hold Harmless Provisions in Favor of the Consultant, and Instruments of Professional Service.

A great tool for project managers and others!

GBA would like to thank Terra Insurance Company for partnering with us on this effort.  It furthers our mutual goal of enhancing education and risk management across the geoprofessional community. We would also like to thank a dedicated team of volunteer lawyers from GBA and Terra Insurance Company.  We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the energy and assistance of all involved.

Please note: In order to access e-Book version you need to have E-reader APP for Apple Products, and Kindle APP for PC’s and Android.