New Episodes Launched: Encore Performances: Reconnecting with Friends of GBA

GBA Emerging Leaders Class

GBA is legendary for engaging with amazing speakers at each of our conferences and in this series we reconnect with past keynotes that have become old friends of GBA to see where life has taken them and learn from their journey, they are American heroes, best-selling authors, business leaders, executive coaches, all experts in their fields and brilliantly engaging.

Episode #7 – Brent Gleeson     

(Keynote Fall 2018)
Topics Discussed:

• SEAL lessons to improve leadership.
• Importance of company culture.
• The importance of accountability.
• The Silver Lining in all of this is…

Direct link to episode #7 with Brent Gleeson: HERE



Episode #8 – Nancy Watt
(Keynote Spring 2019)
Topics Discussed:

• Using improv to improve communication.                                                                                                                                                                               
• Accepting the reality of the other.
• Adaptability Quotient (AQ)
• Fostering organizational trust.
• The Silver Lining in all of this is…

Direct link to episode #8 with Nancy Watt: HERE

This series is being edited and produced by GBA’s Emerging Leaders Class under the leadership of Tiffany Vorhies (SME), Donald Blackburn (Blackburn Consulting), Shawn Leyva (Crawford & Associates), and Ryan White (PBS Engineering and Environmental).

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