NEW GBA BUSINESS BRIEF – Fiscal Year 2017-18 Financial-Performance-Survey Report

For more than 15 years, GBA has been collecting key financial metrics frommember-firms so our members can measure their success and improve business performance and optimize efficiency. The newest GBA Business Brief — available only to members and free of charge – comprises the GBA Business Practices Committee’s 2017-18 Financial-Performance Survey report, covering key financial-performance issues surveyed firms reported.

GBA enhanced this year’s report with more data and trendlines so our members can track their progress on key financial indicators.

Thank you to all the firms that participated in the survey. We had more response to this survey than we have had in the past.  A special thanks to Lee James (Lee James & Associates), Dan Cassidy, CPG (SME) and Phil Pettway, (GBA) for collaborating on the survey and for their efforts compilation of the results.

In the spirit of our Association, GBA publications are a collaborative effort of GBA Member-Firms. They are provided to GBA Members to make them stronger, smarter and more successful and they are FREE to all members.