New! GBA Case History 112

GBA is happy to announce the publication of Case History 112 – in which a Member Firm provided field support
for a mining client drilling two holes to characterize the subsurface and install instrumentation. After installation, the instrumentation was found to be partially
blocked and not usable. Conflicting proposal, contract, and legislative language – particularly around the term “supervisor” – contributed to unclear roles and responsibilities, and a claim from the client for compensation from the Member Firm. A geoprofessional member of the client’s senior management (with prior experience in consulting) worked with Member Firm senior management to settle the claim with a compromise.

Case History 112, dubbed “Glue…Who knew?” includes valuable lessons-learned including:

• Question Assumptions
• Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
• Words Matter
• Build Strong Relationships

GBA case histories give all GBA-Member Firms an opportunity to conduct lunch-and-learn sessions, where participants– especially less experienced personnel – read the cases, then discuss what went wrong, what could have been done to mediate the problems, how issues that arose may be like issues in ongoing projects, and how to avoid similar issues in the future.

GBA-Member Firms use case histories to learn from others’ misfortunes, so you don’t have to learn through misfortunes of your own!

Case Histories are FREE for all GBA Members

Download Case History 112 – “Glue…Who knew?”: HERE