New Member Benefit – The GOLD Course

GBA has teamed up with the McMahon|Siegel Group, to provide a uniquely-GBA professional development program for emerging leaders and managers of geographic locations and business units.

Only employees of GBA member firms will be able to participate in the Geoprofessional Operational Leadership Development (GOLD) Course.

Providing advanced business leadership education for the geopreofessional community, the six-month course combines two, two-day, in-person sessions with distance-learning programs to deliver a broad learning experience for all attendees.

The course will be led by two veterans of the AE industry, Kevin McMahon and Bill Siegel, P.E. to bring a balanced focus of theory and practice, including training in real world operations/leadership not currently available in the marketplace.

The program will combine leadership and personal development training with specific instruction in operational aspects of the typical Geoprofessional business.  Covered topics will include:

  • Demystifying Financial statements
  • Understanding the blueprint for financial success
  • Building on your individual leadership strengths
  • Creating a system of communication and performance
  • Risk management, liabilities and contract challenges
  • Markets, marketing and clients
  • Building and maintaining a successful team

The target demographic for this program is:

  • New and Emerging Leaders,
  • Group Leaders
  • Office Managers
  • Regional Managers
  • Business Unit Leaders

For more information, see GBA Member Benefits.