NEW PODCAST – $150 Million Near Miss!

Multimedia Delivery Committee

GBA has published over 110 case histories based on real-life events that have happened to geoprofessional firms. GBA Case Histories are unique because our members share real-life stories of problems that impacted their businesses. They also include the outcomes of corrective action, and lessons learned.

GBA’s Multimedia Delivery Committee is now delivering select Case Histories as Podcasts.

In this episode, a GBA-Member Firm’s CEO and the developer’s CEO had worked together successfully on numerous projects for more than 15 years, establishing a friendship based on mutual respect and trust. This project was the developer’s most ambitious to date, by virtue of its size, local prominence, and complexity. Among other things, the project plan called for four levels of parking beneath 2½ city blocks and adjoining streets. As the excavation was nearing completion, three soldier piles in the northeast corner of the excavation plunged downward between 12 and 18 inches and rotated toward the basement excavation. If the issue wasn’t resolved quickly not only would the safety of the public be at risk, but so would the relationship.

GBA Podcast: #93 – Case History – $150M Near Miss