New Podcast Series: Fundamentals of Field Representation

New Podcast Series: Fundamentals of Field Representation
GBA’s Multimedia Delivery Committee                                           

GBA’s Multimedia Delivery Committee recently uncovered a treasure trove of valuable content in GBA’s outstanding audio series and transitioned them into an educational and entertaining podcast series. This series was originally available as downloadable audio files, designed for one-on-one listening by field representatives, or as material to spur discussion during brownbag seminars or other training sessions. Like other GBA audio education programs,

Fundamentals of Field Representation uses dramatization to make its points. The roles are played by professional actors, supplemented by sound effects.

Three episodes, hosted by, Tiffany Vorhies (SME) and Ryan White (PBS Engineering and Environmental) review the original audio and follow up with a discussion, including their own personal lessons learned from many years of experience in the industry as both field reps and technical leaders.

In Episode 1, Podcast hosts discuss the importance of field representatives knowing the seriousness and risks of the work they perform. This episode provides a real-world example about a casual comment made while onsite about trench safety that turned into a legal case. Ryan and Tiffany talk about the relationship between contractors and field representatives and how these relationships can affect decisions made while on project sites. Tune in to hear more about how field representatives are not immune to the litigation that can occur on projects.

In Episode 2, Our hosts take a closer look at what it means to be a professional and how that relates to the duty of care and standard of care at a job site. Centered around a GBA Audio Education module, this episode provides practical examples and commentary by Ryan and Tiffany on how they’ve seen these concepts play out in their experience as engineering professionals. Learn about these important legal terms in a fun and conversational way!

In Episode 3 of GBA’s Audio Education Series, our hosts explore duty of care in field reporting. While covering the 6 aspects of effective field reporting, we are reminded of the essential information that should be included in reports. This is a good refresher for any experienced field staff as well as necessary information for newer geoprofessionals. In addition, our hosts discuss the common hiccups with surnames. Is it Ms., Miss, or Mrs?

Download and listen to three podcast episodes of Field Representation: HERE