New Release! Case History 108

A GBA-Member Firm provided suggested changes to a sewer pipe design in order to keep construction moving forward on a five-story senior-living facility. Four years later, swelling clays caused the sewer line to back-up and the lower-level slab began showing heaving related distress. That good deed with other project related complications resulted in a $25 million claim that required an extensive defense of contract limitations of liability, standards of care, and project documentation.

Lessons Learned:

• No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
• Prevent Recommendations from Becoming Requirements
• Do Not Unilaterally Deviate from the Scope of Services
• It Pays to Be Your Brother’s Keeper
• Documentation Can Be Your Best Defense
• Consider Limitation of Liability During Your Go/No-Go Analysis

Learn from others. Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past! GBA Case Histories are being used by our members for loss prevention discussions in support of professional development and mentoring. That is why GBA case histories are so valuable, and why GBA continues to produce new ones.

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