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These are the most frequently downloaded reference documents this year! If you are not reading them, you are missing out.

Important Information About This Geotechnical-Engineering Report

GBA has updated one of its most frequently, all-time best-selling resource – Important Information about This Geotechnical-Engineering Report. Some of the language and sections have been modified and updated,
including a new section about understanding the geotechnical engineering services.

Literally millions of copies of the previous versions are in print or virtual print. Only GBA-Member Firms have the right to insert the document “as-is.”.  And members get them for free.  Stay current and get your copy now!

Download Important Information about This Geotechnical-Engineering Report Here

BUSINESS BRIEF: Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Financial Performance Survey Report

Net Multipliers and Utilization Ratios are higher, DSO is lower.  Overall, financial performance for GBA members is improving!

For more than 15 years, GBA has been collecting key financial metrics from member-firms so our members can measure their success, improve business performance, and optimize efficiency.  The newest GBA Business Brief —  is free for all members and compiles data from GBA Business Practices Committee’s 2018-19 Financial-Performance Survey in a short report, covering key financial-performance issues of surveyed firms.

Download GBA Business Brief:  Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Financial Performance Survey Report Here

CASE HISTORY Updates 61-65

Learn from others. Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past! GBA Case Histories are being used by our members for loss prevention discussions in support of professional development and mentoring. That is why GBA case histories are so valuable, and why GBA is updating them all, while adding new ones, too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

CASE HISTORY NO. 61 (download)

The owner of a gasoline station retained an environmental consultant to perform a Phase II ESA at the request of prospective purchasers, acting through an intermediary. When problems were discovered later, the consultant wound up as a target in a maze of litigation.

CASE HISTORY NO. 62 (download)

The GBA member was retained by a general contractor for a major utility project. Corners were cut and failure occurred. Although the GBA member was relatively blameless, it had agreed to an unwise indemnity in its contract and faced the potential of litigation that would likely cost it more than $1 million before reaching a settlement.

CASE HISTORY NO. 63 (download)

A GBA member assigned an inexperienced field representative to observe a grouting project. The field representative began giving directions to the contractor, who was unfamiliar with local regulations and had staked out the project incorrectly, filling the sewer lines with grout.

CASE HISTORY NO. 64 (download)

The GBA-Member Firm’s civil-engineer client erred when transferring information from the member’s report to a set of plans. Serious problems resulted and the geotechnical engineer took strong proactive measures to resolve issues between the civil engineer, client, and contractor.

CASE HISTORY NO. 65 (download)

Knowing that its proposal was accepted as submitted, a member firm did not examine the contract it received from its client, a municipality. There, in the“boilerplate,” was a reference to a construction specification that greatly expanded the Member Firm’s responsibility. When a major problem occurred, then Member Firm, unaware of its additional responsibility, failed to exercise it, thus not doing what could have been done to have kept the problem from growing. The end result: The Member Firm paid $500,000 to settle the case.

Access all GBA’s Case Histories Here

GBA BEST PRACTICES: Deposition Do’s and Don’ts for Facts Witnesses

Lawsuit. Interrogation. Sworn testimony. All intimidating words that most people don’t like to hear. But as a geoprofessional, it’s possible that at some point in your career you will be asked to testify in a lawsuit as a fact witness. Typically, this will include a deposition, and it can be helpful (and far less intimidating) to know what to expect when you’re walking through the legal process. Enter the latest GBA Best Practices monograph, Deposition Do’s and Don’ts for Fact Witnesses.

Download GBA Best Practices: Deposition Do’s and Don’ts for Fact Witnesses Here

GBA BEST PRACTICES: E-Communication 

Communication is critical to the success of any business. As our communication methods change to include an increasing reliance on e-communication, it is important for us to understand potential problems and solutions to those problems. This GBA Best Practices covers e-mail, and a wide variety of newer communication platforms you and your employees use regularly to help you manage risk and optimize
business performance.

Download GBA Best Practices: E-Communication Here

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