Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) Committee

Just as its tail shows you where a comet has been, CoMET Tales – developed and now updated by GBA’s Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) Committee – will show you where other CoMET professionals have been and what they’ve learned along the way.

CoMET Tale 1 provides updated guidance on clarifying who is responsible for providing facilities to initially cure concrete strength test specimens used for acceptance on project sites.

CoMET Tale 2 describes opportunities for CoMET professionals to visit with design professionals in charge to educate them on the differences between curing methods and discuss alternative testing methods.

Both documents will help CoMET firms stand out by taking initiative and helping project owners, design teams, and constructors recognize the value of their services.

DOWNLOAD CoMET Tale 1: Initial Curing of Concrete Cylinders in the Field HERE

DOWNLOAD CoMET Tale 2: Field Curing Versus Standard Curing of Concrete Cylinders HERE

These updated resources are available at no cost to GBA members. If you’re an employee of a GBA member firm and need to set up your account, please click here. Contact info@geoprofessional.org with questions.