WANTED: GBA Case Histories

GBA has a tradition of collaborating on issues that impact the geoprofessions. One of the ways we work together is by providing lessons learned through GBA Case Histories. GBA Case Histories provide unprecedented real-world learning examples related to project and business management.

Here is your chance to share with others what went wrong, how you handled the problems, and how others can learn from your experiences so everyone can avoid the same problems in the future.

Here is how to get started:                                                                 

Step 1. Share your idea for a Case History using one of the appropriate GBA template(s):

Case History Project Management
Case History Practice Management

Step 2. Send your idea to the Chair of Resource Collaboration Committee (RCC) for preliminary review.

Step 3. If your idea is selected, the RCC will provide all the support you need to prepare and publish a new GBA Case History.


By simply submitting an idea for a Case History, you will receive a free registration to the 2022 Fall Conference. For a few minutes of your time, you will receive full access to our three-day virtual conference in October.

An even bigger reward is your contribution to elevating our profession by sharing your experiences for all to learn from