SharePoint Sites

GBA has a number of GBA SharePoint sites set up to allow members to collaborate for various purposes. Some are open to all members; some are restricted to specific groups of members. Contact for information or questions related to any of these sites.

Committee- and Council-Specific GBA SharePoint Sites

Access to these GBA SharePoint sites is restricted to committee/council members. Individual username and password required. Contact to request yours.

REMINDER: Your SharePoint username and password are not the same as the ones for this website.

Other GBA SharePoint Sites

Individual username and password required unless otherwise noted. Contact to request yours.

  • GBA Community Site (news, announcements, documents, postings, ride board, and other information of general interest to members; open to all members)
  • Information Technology Forum (open to Member Firms’ information technology (IT) staff and staff with IT responsibilities)
  • Women’s Forum (open to all women employed by GBA member firms)