GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Videos – Available Now!


GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Videos – Available Now!

If you attended GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference you experienced a conference packed with dynamic, informative, and educational presentations by a variety of subject matter experts.  If you didn’t attend, you still have a chance to experience those presentations.

One of the many benefits of GBA membership is the opportunity to review the contents of oursemi-annual conferences.  They are all available for members to review on-demand in our GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Proceedings.  Just click and watch at your desk or in a conference room with your associates.

  • Coloring Outside the Lines!™…Creating A New Geoprofessional Experience: Jeff Tobe M.Ed., CSP.  (Author – Coloring Outside the Lines™)
  • A Closer Look at the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program: David Sowers(Washington State Department of Transportation)
  • What You Can’t See May Hurt You:  A Look at Geotechnical Risk and Reduction Techniques: Michael J. “Mike” Marasa, P.E. (Hayward Baker, Inc.)
  • Buyer Beware:  Lessons Learned from a Serial Acquirer: William C. “Bill” Siegel, P.E. (WS Group International)
  • What Great Firms Are Doing to Drive Loyalty: Terry Reynolds (Client Feedback Tool)
  • You On Your Best Day: Michael T. Allosso (Michael T. Allosso)
  • Working on Controversial Projects or with Controversial Clients: Is it a Go or a No-Go Decision?: Terence J. “Terry” Scanlan, Esq. (Skellenger Bender); Kenneth R. “Ken” Johnston(GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.); Stephen “Steve” F. Patt, P.E. (ECS Capitol Services, a subsidiary of ECS, Ltd); Matthew R. “Matt” Poirier, P.E. (Sanborn, Head & Associates)
  • Turning Your Employees into Human Firewalls: Elevating Your Cybersecurity: Jason Stefanski(GeoEngineers, Inc.)
  • Quantifying and Managing Your Risk with the Risk Register: Steven R. “Steve” Thompson, P.E. (8260 Consulting Group, LLC)
  • Engineers Without Borders-USA and GBA – Time to Collaborate – Nepal Earthquake and Beyond: Dave Cook, LG, CPG (EWB-USA and GeoEngineers Inc.)

Check them out and share them with everyone in your firm

GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Proceedings