New Podcast! Geophysics Provides the Confidence to Build

GBA Multimedia Delivery Committee

GBA has published more than 115 case histories based on real-life events that have happened to geoprofessional firms. GBA Case Histories are unique
because our members share real-life stories of problems that impacted their businesses. They also include the outcomes of corrective action, and lessons learned.

GBA’s Multimedia Delivery Committee also delivers select Case Histories as podcasts.

In the latest episode, host Elizabeth Brown, P.E. (Atlas Technical Consultants) and guest Andy Siemens, P.E. (Siemens Associates) explore how one GBA member firm turned an “unbuildable” site into a construction-ready plot using advanced geophysical exploration.

As described in GBA Case History #114, a school’s building plan hit a roadblock when a non-GBA member firm’s study flagged variable surface conditions and air-filled voids, rendering the site unfeasible. However, the drilling method used was unreliable, causing uncertainties.

Enter a second geotechnical and geophysics firm with a fresh perspective, Siemens Associates. They executed a high-resolution electrical resistivity survey, followed by traditional drilling. This savvy approach cut drilling costs and pinpointed problem areas with surgical precision. The 3D survey unveiled a clear subsurface picture, showing only minor anomalies within the project footprint.

This meticulous assessment flipped the initial verdict, proving the site buildable.
Tune in to discover how cutting-edge geophysics and diligent geotechnical work transformed a seemingly doomed project into a roaring success.


This episode was produced by the following GBA Members: Ryan White, P.E., G.E. (PBS Engineering and Environmental LLC) and Elizabeth Brown, P.E. (Atlas Technical Consultants).