New Year Resolutions for Geoprofessionals

The start of a new year offers geoprofessionals the opportunity to set goals for professional

growth and excellence. These resolutions are the waypoints on the roadmap of personal and professional growth. They will help you excel as a consultant, community member, and colleague and contribute to the elevation of geoprofessional value as a whole.

Here are some suggestions as you prepare to learn, grow, and improve in 2024:

  1. Believe that all injuries are avoidable (there is no such thing as an accident) and act accordingly.
  2. Be involved in community service.
  3. Share a project story with GBA as a Case History.
  4. Practice continual teaching (mentor/train), transfer knowledge.
  5. Share a link to an article of interest for possible inclusion in GBA’s NEWSlog.
  6. Attend a GBA conference.
  7. Understand artificial intelligence, its potential, its risks, and how it is being used by your colleagues and clients.
  8. Advance your soft skills (human relations).
  9. Partner with geoprofessional peers. Join a GBA Peer Group.
  10. Set fees based on value, not hours (whenever you can).


GBA welcomes you to utilize GBA resources and attend events for professional development, mentoring, and improving your business this year – not just while goal-setting in January, but year-round.