Tailings Engineer of Record Workshop a Big Success

The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) hosted over 50 industry leaders, including subject matter experts, regulators, owners, and practitioners for a Tailings Engineer of Record (EoR) Workshop on January 26, 2017, in Denver, Colorado.  The event was designed to identify concerns of filling the role of the EoR for tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and develop guidance for those working on TSF projects in the United States and abroad.  Kimberly Finke Morrison, P.E., R.G. (Morrison Geotechnical Solutions), a GBA Board Member and GBA’s Tailings EoR Task Force Chair, coordinated the workshop and was pleased by the support that she received from so many industry leaders from across North America.  Ms. Morrison said, “In the wake of the Mount Polley (Canada) tailings dam failure in 2014 and the Samarco (Brazil) tailings dam failure in 2015, the efficacy of the EoR for TSFs has been brought into question worldwide with industry looking for guidance on how to approach management of these constantly-changing and perpetual facilities. This impressive group gathered to review available information, share professional opinions, and start preparing guidance.  This step was necessary, and I appreciate the support we received from so many.”

Ms. Morrison and Robert E. Snow, P.E. (D’Appolonia) are compiling input from the workshop to prepare a draft National Practice Guideline for the Tailings Engineer of Record (EoR).  Upon completion, they will seek industry-wide endorsement prior to distribution.  The Task Force is also evaluating opportunities to prepare a Best Practices monograph and/or owner messaging documents using the results of the workshop.

The Mission of GBA’s Tailings EoR Task Force is to raise awareness among GBA member firms who perform tailings storage facility design services of the concerns and issues related to Engineer of Record (EOR) for these ever-changing facilities; outreach to industry, other organizations, and regulatory agencies, as appropriate, for feedback on the issues; and develop internal and outreach documentation on the issue, including defining roles/responsibilities of the EoR, and implementation of a transfer process for EoR for tailings storage facilities.

For additional information about GBA’s Tailings EoR Task Force, including meeting notes, workshop summary materials and presentations, published articles, and other reference material, please visit:  GBA Tailings EOR Task Force





9 Places Your Firm is Losing Profit and How to Find It – March 15, 2017


GBA is teaming up with AEG Business Solutions to provide a four-part webinar series to provide our members with professional development and training on important topics for all geoprofessional consultants.


  • Free to all GBA Members
  • 1 Professional Development Hour (PDH) by a certified provider
  • Accessible anywhere through remote connectivity.


9 Places Your Firm is Losing Profit and How to Find It                    March 15, 2017

Leading Change to Improve Profitability                                           June 21, 2017

Creating a Profitable Culture Through Accountable Learning        September 13, 2017

Developing Superstar Project Managers                                           December 13, 2017


All will be conducted on Wednesdays in 2017 1:30 PM Eastern Time

Sign Up Now – March 15, 2017 FREE Webinar – REGISTER HERE


One-Day Seminar in the Boston Area

April 28, 2017 ~ Boston, MA

The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) and Lee James & Associates have teamed up to present a one-day seminar titled: Project Financials Management to be taught on April 28, 2017 in Boston, MA.

This training program will arm participants with skills to assess and win work, improve pricing, communicate with client and peers, positively start projects, track and report project progress, timely bill and collect, complete changes while building relationships with clients and successfully manage all size projects.

Numerous real-life experiences and case studies are used to teach and bring to light the principles taught.  Sessions are highly interactive with active learning occurring throughout.

This is a “must-attend” to improve project financials management.

Registration closes April 20, 2017





Head, Vogt, Morrison lead 2017-2018 Board of Directors Slate


Head, Vogt, Morrison Lead GBA’s 2017-18 Board of Directors Slate

GBA’s Nominating Committee has announced its slate of officers and directors for the May 1, 2017-April 30, 2018 fiscal year.

GBA President-Elect Charles L. “Charlie” Head, P.E., P.G. (Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.) will become President and Chair of the GBA Board of Directors.

Those nominated for the other two officer positions are, for President-Elect and Board Chair-Elect, Woodward L. “Woody” Vogt, P.E., D.GE, F.ACI, F.ASCE, F.ASTM (Paradigm Consultants, Inc.) and, Kimberly F. “Kim” Morrison, P.E., R.G. (Morrison Geotechnical Solutions, Inc.) for Secretary-Treasurer.

Those nominated to serve as Directors-at-Large are: Saiid Behboodi, P.E., P.G. (PBS Engineering and Environmental); Thomas W. “Tom” Blackburn, P.E., G.E., F.ASCE (Blackburn Consulting); Arthur G. “Art” Hoffmann, P.E., D.GE (Gannett Fleming, Inc.); Kenneth R. “Ken” Johnston (GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.); and Leo Titus, Jr., P.E.(ECS, Ltd.)


GBA and AEG Ink a Memorandum of Understanding

GBA and AEG Ink a Memorandum of Understanding

The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) and the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding which establishes a foundation for collaboration and mutual support for both organizations.

AEG serves the engineering geology and environmental geology fields through their technical publications, lectures series, and educational opportunities at local, regional and annual meetings.

In January 2017, leaders of both organizations met to learn from each other and to identify opportunities to execute the agreement.

“Partnering with AEG is a great opportunity to share GBA’s risk management and business performance content with a broader geoprofessional community. It expands the platform on which we can share GBA’s mission and it is a wonderful complement to our relationship with the Geo-Institute.” noted Joel Carson, GBA’s Executive Director.
For more information: GBA’s Alliance Organizations

President-Elect Charles Head Addresses Winter Leadership Conference Emphasizes the Future is Bright

President-Elect Charles Head Addresses Winter Leadership Conference Emphasizes the Future is Bright


GBA President-Elect Charles L. Head, P.E., P.G. (Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.) addressed attendees of GBA’s 2017 Winter Leadership Conference, held on January 28, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.


Mr. Head recognized the GBA Board of Directors and staff attending the conference.  He also identified the Committee/Council Chairs attending the Winter Leadership Conference and applauded them for their continued contributions and leadership.  He recognized:

  • Business Practices Committee – Matt Moler, P.E. (S&ME, Inc.)
  • CoMET Business Council – Saad M. Hineidi, P.E.(Terracon)
  • Council of Fellows – Jerrold Samford, P.G., F.GBA (Troutman Sanders, LLP)
  • Emerging Issues and Trends Committee – Bradley M. Melocik, P.E., P.H.(DOWL)
  • Environmental Business Council – Michael E. Covert. P.G. (Terracon)
  • External Relations Committee – Travis Wambeke, P.E. (Strata, Inc.)
  • Geotechnical Business Council – Richard D. Heckel, P.E., D.GE. (Ardent Geotechnical Consultants LLC)
  • Legal Affairs Committee, – Ji Shin, Esq. (Earth Systems, Inc.)
  • New Leaders Committee – Jessica Klein, P.E. (DOWL)
  • Peer Review Committee – Richard E. Johnson, P.G., C.E.G., C.H.G. (BSK Associates)

After welcoming the group and thanking them for their leadership and support of GBA, Mr. Head shared his personal introduction to GBA from many years ago.  He then reminded attendees of GBA’s rich legacy, including its critical role in elevating the stature of the geoprofession over its 48-year history.   Acknowledging the evolution of GBA and particularly the number of changes in the past several years, he noted that “we are looking forward now,” and added “I believe this is an organization with a really bright future, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”


Among the many important things Mr. Head pointed to looking forward into 2017 are; continued enhancements to spring and fall programming that will bring even more value to member-firms, continued outreach activities by GBA’s Executive Director to engage directly with current and prospective member firms, new publications that will support GBA’s mission, and development of a new three-year strategic plan.  “The new strategic plan ‘GBA 2020’ will be our opportunity to set the right tone and direction for GBA, and we’re going to work hard to get it right” he said.   With that, he asked WLC attendees to help “make GBA the best we possibly can,” under the theme of “gaining momentum to a bright future” in support of GBA’s consistent commitment to its members, to help them and their clients confront risk and optimize performance.


Mr. Head will become the 48th President of GBA during the 2017 Spring Conference to be held in Washington D.C. April 6-8, 2017.

GOLD Class Registration is on

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Register your staff attend the Geoprofessional Business Association’s newest industry leading training and development program.

GOLD:  Geoprofessional Operational Leadership Development Providing advanced business leadership for the geoprofessional community

The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) has teamed up with the McMahon|Siegel Group, to provide a new, industry leading, training and development program designed exclusively for employees of GBA Member-Firms.  Providing advanced business leadership education for the geoprofessional community, the six-month course kicks off with a two-day, in-person training program immediately prior to GBA’s 2017 Fall Conference in Phoenix, Arizona followed by sessions utilizing modern distance learning techniques, and culminating with a two-day final in-person session in the Spring of 2108.



Top GBA Downloaded Resources in 2016

Top GBA Downloaded Resources in 2016

GBA provides hundreds of highly effective resources developed to satisfy the unique needs of geoprofessionals, giving members essential tools for achieving success. However, we also know that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. So to help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 GBA resources by numbers ordered in 2016. This is a great place to start your exploration of GBA’s resources, or to get acquainted with a publication loved by your peers and “new to you”.

The list below is the top 10 GBA resources, in order by popularity, with the most ordered resource at the top. Topics cover a wide range of geoprofessional business issues, so there is certain to be something on this list that could help your business succeed. Select a title to learn more and order it today.

Top 10 GBA Resources for 2016

  1. Important Information about This Geotechnical-Engineering Report UPDATED
  2. GBA Guide to the In-House Review of Geoprofessional Reports
  3. GBA Best Practices: Voice-Mail Greetings NEW in 2016
  4. The Field Representative’s Reference Guide
  5. BUSINESS BRIEF: Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Financial-Performance-Survey-Report NEW
  6. GBA Best Practices: Investing in Risk Management and Loss Prevention NEW in 2016
  7. Fundamental Elements for Project Managers 11-Module Course NEW in 2016
  8. Practice Alert 5: Taboo Words
  9. The Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Services Standard of Care
  10. Case History No. 101 (CoMET services for a new hospital building – Lessons Learned)

Click on any title to order your copy today.  All reference documents are free for members.


New Member Benefit – The GOLD Course

GBA has teamed up with the McMahon|Siegel Group, to provide a uniquely-GBA professional development program for emerging leaders and managers of geographic locations and business units.

Only employees of GBA member firms will be able to participate in the Geoprofessional Operational Leadership Development (GOLD) Course.

Providing advanced business leadership education for the geopreofessional community, the six-month course combines two, two-day, in-person sessions with distance-learning programs to deliver a broad learning experience for all attendees.

The course will be led by two veterans of the AE industry, Kevin McMahon and Bill Siegel, P.E. to bring a balanced focus of theory and practice, including training in real world operations/leadership not currently available in the marketplace.

The program will combine leadership and personal development training with specific instruction in operational aspects of the typical Geoprofessional business.  Covered topics will include:

  • Demystifying Financial statements
  • Understanding the blueprint for financial success
  • Building on your individual leadership strengths
  • Creating a system of communication and performance
  • Risk management, liabilities and contract challenges
  • Markets, marketing and clients
  • Building and maintaining a successful team

The target demographic for this program is:

  • New and Emerging Leaders,
  • Group Leaders
  • Office Managers
  • Regional Managers
  • Business Unit Leaders

For more information, see GBA Member Benefits.



Effective Project Managers are key to the success of all geoprofessional businesses.  GBA recognizes development of highly effective Project Managers requires training, experience, and mentorship in numerous areas.  GBA has developed, with support of member-firm volunteers, a Project Manager essential skills training course to support and augment training available by member-firms.

The foundation of this 11 module Project Manager course has been generously donated by a GBA member firm.While the slides have been rebranded by GBA, there may be content or concepts that are specific to this GBA member firmand may require slight modifications to make presentations appropriate for your firm.  This course will help you introduce and discuss the essential skills needed as a Project Manager.

This 11 module Project Managers course covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding responsibilities of a Project Manager;
  2. Communicating about the project effectively with the client, project team and management (including written documentation);
  3. Generating new business opportunities and winning proposals;
  4. Understanding client requirements;
  5. Planning the project scope, schedule and budget;
  6. Negotiating client contracts;
  7. Coordinating project resources (including subs);
  8. Monitoring and managing project scope, budget and schedule;
  9. Establishing the appropriate quality of deliverables;
  10. Monitoring and managing cash flow, including invoicing and collections; and,
  11. Leading the project team.

The PowerPoint format of this course has been developed so that it can be given in a group setting by a leader in your organization or used as a self-teaching tool by an individual.  The course can be delivered all at once in an 8-hour day, or a module at a time as time permits.  Each module contains a short quiz at the end to confirm clarity on the topics presented.  Each module also includes a printable completion certificate.  Module 11 includes a printable and framable Course Completion Certificate for those that have completed all the modules of this course.

Order Your Copy of 11 Modules
Fundamental Elements for Project Managers

New Special Offer for GBA Members

Colergo, is an on-line marketplace for peer-to-peer staffing. Colergo will provide GBA member-firms the ability to increase utilization of their existing employees and access the most talented temporary labor force by working collaboratively with other GBA trusted-firms.
Colergo is a marketplace that allows businesses to sell or purchase the time of employees who are not fully utilized. Think of Colergo as an AirBnB for employees instead of vacation rentals. Colergo will provide GBA member-firms a private marketplace that will allow them to share staff exclusively with one another. For further information or to sign up, please visit the Colergo website.


If you would like to schedule an introductory webinar or call with a member of the Colergo team, please email info@colergo.com.

Colergo. Collaborate and Go!

More GBA Member Benefits and Discounts and Special Offers.

The Power of Peer Review


GBA Publishes New Monograph Chronicling a Member Firm’s Peer Review Experiences

How valuable is Peer Review? GBA’s newest publication – GAI’s Peer Review Experience – illustrates the answer. The firm has undergone seven Peer Reviews since 1983, moving from a two-office organization to a 25-office firm with 900 employees. According to Gary M. DeJidas, P.E., GAI’s president and CEO, “We could not have accomplished so much without the independent, high-level recommendations of Peer Reviewers who addressed the issues that had to be addressed to achieve the successful change GAI required to grow and evolve.” What’s particularly valuable about this new publication is Gary’s willingness to share information. He identifies who comprised the Peer Review Team for each Peer Review, and what their key findings and recommendations were. If you’re at all undecided about the tremendous value of Peer Review, this new publication is a must read!

Order your copy
Business Management Education – GAI Consultants’ Peer Review Experience

The Peer Review Program was established in 1977 by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA), then known as the Association of Soil and Foundation Engineers (ASFE). Named by Engineering News-Record as one of the most innovative construction-industry programs established since 1874, Peer Review is still sponsored by GBA and is required by Terra Insurance Company as a condition of continuing coverage of its insureds.

GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Videos – Available Now!


GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Videos – Available Now!

If you attended GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference you experienced a conference packed with dynamic, informative, and educational presentations by a variety of subject matter experts.  If you didn’t attend, you still have a chance to experience those presentations.

One of the many benefits of GBA membership is the opportunity to review the contents of oursemi-annual conferences.  They are all available for members to review on-demand in our GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Proceedings.  Just click and watch at your desk or in a conference room with your associates.

  • Coloring Outside the Lines!™…Creating A New Geoprofessional Experience: Jeff Tobe M.Ed., CSP.  (Author – Coloring Outside the Lines™)
  • A Closer Look at the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program: David Sowers(Washington State Department of Transportation)
  • What You Can’t See May Hurt You:  A Look at Geotechnical Risk and Reduction Techniques: Michael J. “Mike” Marasa, P.E. (Hayward Baker, Inc.)
  • Buyer Beware:  Lessons Learned from a Serial Acquirer: William C. “Bill” Siegel, P.E. (WS Group International)
  • What Great Firms Are Doing to Drive Loyalty: Terry Reynolds (Client Feedback Tool)
  • You On Your Best Day: Michael T. Allosso (Michael T. Allosso)
  • Working on Controversial Projects or with Controversial Clients: Is it a Go or a No-Go Decision?: Terence J. “Terry” Scanlan, Esq. (Skellenger Bender); Kenneth R. “Ken” Johnston(GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.); Stephen “Steve” F. Patt, P.E. (ECS Capitol Services, a subsidiary of ECS, Ltd); Matthew R. “Matt” Poirier, P.E. (Sanborn, Head & Associates)
  • Turning Your Employees into Human Firewalls: Elevating Your Cybersecurity: Jason Stefanski(GeoEngineers, Inc.)
  • Quantifying and Managing Your Risk with the Risk Register: Steven R. “Steve” Thompson, P.E. (8260 Consulting Group, LLC)
  • Engineers Without Borders-USA and GBA – Time to Collaborate – Nepal Earthquake and Beyond: Dave Cook, LG, CPG (EWB-USA and GeoEngineers Inc.)

Check them out and share them with everyone in your firm

GBA’s 2016 Fall Conference Proceedings


Seattle, Washington, Mayor Edward B. Murray has proclaimed October 14, 2016 to be his city’s Geoprofessionals’ Day, because “the Geoprofessional Business Association highlights that the quality of our environment is a fundamental concern of our community; and [because] GBA emphasizes that efficient, durable, and cost-effective infrastructure is essential to our economy and to our everyday lives; and [because] GBA raises awareness that the health safety, and welfare of our community depend upon geoprofessional services and the geoprofessionals who provide them….” It’s great to get this kind of recognition from public leaders. Best of all, it’s recognition that’s deserved!

Happy Geopforessionals’ Day!


GBA’s Tailings Engineer of Record Task Force Publishes Business Brief

Geoprofessional Business Association’s (GBA) Tailings Engineer-of-Record (EOR) Task Force published a Business Brief to inform and educate Member-Firms of the ever-increasing levels of risk associated with tailings-related work. The Task Force illustrated the risk by including recent tailings dam failures in Canada and Brazil.
The GBA Tailings EOR Task Force was created to help raise awareness among the GBA Member-Firms that perform tailings storage facility design services of the concerns and issues related to EOR for these ever-changing facilities. In addition to producing reference material for GBA Member-Firms, the task force will perform outreach to our industry through alliance organizations, and regulatory agencies for feedback on the issues and develop internal and outreach documentation on the issue. The Task Force also aims to provide guidance to help define roles/responsibilities of the EOR and implementation of an industry recognized transfer process for EOR for tailings storage facilities.
Kimberly Morrison, P.E., R.G. (Morrison Geotechnical Solutions, Inc.), who serves as the Task Force Chair, noted “Tailings-related work is exposing our member firms to an increasing level of risk. The Tailings EOR Task Force is working to create awareness of the risks involved with this type of work and to develop real-world strategies to help our member firms mitigate those risks.”
GBA’s Business Brief for Tailings EOR Task Force is available for all GBA Member-Firms.
For more information about the Tailings EOR Task Force, or to find out how you can become involved, contact Kimberly Morrison at Kimberly@MorrisonGeo.com.