GBA Board Drives Strategic Plan Forward at Summer Meeting in the Smokies

Each summer the GBA Board of Directors meet to conduct Association business, identify opportunities to advance strategic objectives, and collaborate on ways to elevate the geoprofessions.

In July 2023, the Directors met in Asheville, North Carolina for two days of meetings in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Present at the meeting were Board members:
• President Matt Moler, P.E. (S&ME, Inc.)
• President-Elect Guy Marcozzi, P.E., D.GE, LEED AP BD+C (Verdantas)
• Secretary Treasurer Teresa L. Peterson, P.E., C.M.E., LEED AP O&M, ENV SP (Gannett Fleming, Inc.)
Carrie Foulk, P.E., G.E. (BSK Associates)
Dan Schaefer, P.E. (Froehling & Robertson, Inc.)
Stuart “Stu” Thompson, (CTL|Thompson, Inc.)
Victor R. Donald, P.E. (Terracon)
Bradley Melocik, P.E., P.H. (DOWL)
Elizabeth Clarke (Structure Groups)
• Immediate Past-President Leo Titus, P.E. (ECS Limited)

Mr. Moler focused the Board’s efforts on the “Finish Strong” campaign, an inspired initiative to drive home the 2024 Strategic Plan and have an impact on the Association for years to come.

Collaboratively, the group ignited momentum for two key pillars of the strategic plan by focusing on:
• Career development resources under the Career Continuum concept – in support of strategic objective Accelerate Leaders’ Success
• Growth, support, and nurturing of GBA Peer Groups – in support of strategic objectives Accelerate Leaders’ Success and Forge Fiercely Loyal Relationships.

Working sessions were held on each activity to identify the next steps needed to advance the objectives and finish the 2024 Strategic Plan strong.

The group explored and exchanged meaningful ideas about updating the GBA Strategic Plan during next year’s Summer Board Meeting, to be held in Detroit, Michigan. Marcozzi led a working session on the cause, which reviewed past strategic plans, historic member surveys, and key elements of a strong strategic planning process. During the next 12 months, Mr. Marcozzi will champion the Board’s effort to prepare for a successful strategic planning session when the group gathers in The Motor City.

Another important topic discussed by the Board was GBA’s Crystal Ball Workshops. Mr. Donald shared lessons from the past and identified several ways to enhance the value of these workshops in the future.

He asked the Directors to change our paradigm from these being one-off “events” to becoming an industry-wide movement. Ideas put forward to achieve this endeavor include:

• Increasing the frequency of the workshops,
• Broadening GBA’s partnerships with allied organizations, and
• Amplifying the distribution of the workshops’ discoveries.

Directors also exchanged updates highlighting the hard work of GBA’s busy and dedicated committees, the current class of emerging leaders (Class #5), and our valued industry partners.

Near the end of the two-day meeting in Asheville, GBA Executive Director Joel Carson conducted a workshop and asked the Board to consider the future of GBA’s conferences, meetings, workshops, and summits. During this time, Directors identified the goals of our annual events, reviewed the current event calendar, and unearthed pathways for the future that will lead to greater engagement, enriched value, and elevation of the geoprofessions.

In addition to the Board meetings, the Directors had opportunities to network and explore Asheville and the surrounding area.

“Knowing that this organization has been around for more than 50 years, a lot of great folks [in GBA] have made our industry and our profession better,” said Mr. Moler. “Every one of the Directors currently serving are driven, passionate about what we do, and we want to have fun while we’re doing it. I think that shows in our camaraderie and the things that we’re able to accomplish together.

“I was impressed by the level of preparation and participation of all the Directors,” said Mr. Carson. “This is a very focused and   hardworking Board that continues to drive our  Association forward. I left the meeting energized and full of new ideas that will help propel GBA into the future.”

The rich discussion and thoughtful participation by everyone involved in this meeting – along with the continued support and involvement of member-firms, individual members, and alliance organizations – ensures that GBA members will continue to drive innovation, embrace change, champion excellence, and look ahead to a bright and prosperous future in the geoprofessions.