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Dr. English

Thanks to the magic of electronic communication, it’s possible for the good doctor to make house calls. Make your needs for visitation known by sending your request to Here’s a recent exch...

Nov 2, 2011
Dr. English

The good doctor has written about this issue before, with little effect. Now the good doctor is getting angry and may be ready to start making unrequested house calls. The topic: Expressions that have gotten twisted about, like the one that ...

Jan 17, 2011
Dr. English

“Farther” and “further” have for many years been considered interchangeable, but they are not the same. “Farther” is associated with physical distances. As such, if you can substitute “more distance” (e.g., more yards, more l...

Aug 2, 2010
GBA Business Management Tips

When you purchase a service, you make the buying decision before what you buy is “fabricated” and delivered. Some people liken this to buying a bucket of steam…and they’re not far off the mark. So, what is it that people really purch...

May 10, 2010
GBA Business Management Tips

We frequently receive inquiries from members, and sometimes we publish them. This is one of those times. Hello, GBA! We are in the midst of a discussion that we can’t seem to resolve among ourselves.  Our discussion revolves around e-mail...

Mar 29, 2010